The Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Translation with Interpreting programme, more widely known as BATI, is a programme offered by USM School of Humanities in line with the country’s aspiration to speed up the production of Malay reading materials through translation. The objectives of the programme are to produce graduates who are not only equipped with knowledge on the theories of translation and interpreting, but are also able to apply the methods that they have learned for different types of translation and interpreting assignments, on top of being well-versed in Malay and English (and other languages). Students are also trained so they are able to work in various fields and organisations, be it local or overseas; able to contribute to the nation as mediators in language, culture, political and social aspects in Malaysia or other countries, and are able to conduct translation and interpreting assignments in a professional manner. The minimum duration of the programme is 3 1/2 years or 7 semesters.



The Master of Arts (Translation Studies) programme through coursework and research aims at enhancing the level of knowledge and skills of students in the field of translation so as to give them an advantage when competing in the job market. The programme is also open to qualified graduates from other specific disciplines who are interested in translation. Students will have the opportunity to gain knowledge in translation theories as well as to enhance the quality of their translations. This programme is offered on a full-time and part-time basis. The minimum duration of candidature is one year or two semesters for full-time candidates, and two years or four semesters for part-time candidates. The Master of Arts (Translation Studies) through Mixed Mode programme is offered at the Main Campus as well as at IPS in Kuala Lumpur. Other programmes offered are the Master of Arts (Translation Studies) through Research Mode and Ph.D in Translation Studies. For more information, please visit USM School of Humanities website: https://humanities.usm.my/index.php/discover-us/sections/translation-studies-interpreting


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