International Seminar on Translation and Interpreting (ISTrI) 2018

The Translation and Interpreting Seminar (STI) is a biannual event, which was first held in August 2016 through the initiatives of the Translation and Interpreting Research Unit (UniTI), School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang. The theme for 2016 was "Teaching and Learning Translation and Interpreting”.

STI 2016, which started off as a national event, came to be owing to the awareness that Translation and Interpreting (henceforth T&I) is an indispensable communication medium in knowledge transfer, and thus, translator and interpreter education programs must be sustainable in their approach to educating the translators and interpreters of the future.

This time around, the upcoming T&I seminar will adopt an international profile and hopes to attract and bring together multi-disciplinary experts and scholars from all relevant fields, as well as students of T&I to share, discuss and provide input on current trends, problems and perils,  professional practices and research developments so as to foster a rich and meaningful intercultural exchange of the T&I landscape in general. Hence the change in the acronym from STI to ISTrI to accommodate the adoption of a much more international profile.

The theme for the upcoming ISTrI2018 which is “Technology and Media in Translation & Interpreting (T&I) – Current Trends, Issues & Challenges” was chosen to reflect what is happening in the T&I world right now – a scenario of rapid technological advances, new approaches and the creative use of new technologies in the T&I field, which have undoubtedly led to unprecedented changes and reshaping of the T&I sphere, changes which may have had a profound effect on some and baffled many.

Change is inevitable and to be able to cope and make sense of change is to ride the wave and adapt to it. In T&I, one would assume that technology should serve to make our lives better as machines help automate manual steps, thus reducing the human workload. However, like most language-related tasks, T&I is a complex process. Language is not merely a code but is a dynamic system of social and cultural contexts which works to create and convey meanings - a dynamic and complex system which technology may or may not handle well.

Hence, against this background, the seminar aims to:

  • Examine the current state of Technology in T&I studies and profession and explore issues, problems and complexity faced in this revolutionary upheaval.
  • Analyze and reflect on the potential impact of technology on T&I practices, especially in a multilingual communication and environment.
  • Encourage intellectual discourse on the range of activities related to technology in producing translations, subtitling and localization.
  • Deepen understanding of the value, importance, strengths and weaknesses of new technologies and its value in society.
  • Highlight the role of the translator and interpreter in this digital age.
  • Enhance cooperation and collaboration between all involved.


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